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Joseph Manton

Joseph Manton - Mitchell Library ProtraitMaster gunmaker, highly respected for his innovations, described as being a genius, having a glib tongue, a repeat litigant, a bankrupt, who was buried with his mistress!

Frederick Manton

Sent to India to establish a branch of his father’s gunmaking firm, sailed to Australia via Mauritius with Marie Emilie Blanchard who he married soon after arrival. From grazier, to entrepreneur, flour miller, ship builder, miner and world traveller. Always willing to takes risks if there was a possibility to make a buck.

Arthur Percy Manton

The 10th and youngest son of Frederick and Emilie, born in Chile returning to Australia with his parents where he became a surveyor, later becoming involved in his families mining interests. Moved to Fiji with his brothers to grow cotton, eventually settling in Victoria.

Sidney William Manton

From a childhood accident, to teenage runaway and thief, then father of 2 girls, to time behind the Bluestone walls of Pentridge for false pretences, then the final act, bigamy! AKA John. Disowned by the Manton family.

Florence Rhoda Baker nee Manton

Unassuming, gentle, devout, a caring and loving mother who died too young. Eldest daughter of Sidney and Gladys Mirriam Rhoda Manton nee Williams.


Robert Williams

His obituary 1841 states he was one of the oldest members of the College of Surgeons although as yet this is not proved. Married: 1. Ann Browne 2. Mary Widowson Phillips.

John Mark Williams

An apothecary/surgeon. Sent to St Paul’s School London aged 8years. Died of an infection after doing an autopsy aged 34 years. Was married Charlotte Medley and had 2 sons and 2 daughters. 1851 Census states she was a teacher of Italian French and music. Followed her sons to Australia accompanied by her surviving daughter.

George William Williams Snr.

Sailed to Adelaide with his brother and future wife, Susanna Thorpe and father in law Thomas Dawson Thorpe. After his marriage moved to Tasmania before settling in Victoria. A schoolmaster, accountant and Customs agent was left a widower with 6 children between the age of 20 and 11 years following the death of Susanna in 1870.

George William Williams Jnr.

The eldest son of G.W. Williams Snr. was employed by the Colonial Bank in Victoria. The collapse of the economy in the 1890’s resulted in financial difficulties that he was unable to recover from. He married Jane Elizabeth Nugent Wilmot Nugent and had 5 daughters, 3 living to adulthood but only one marrying.

Gladys Mirriam Rhoda Manton nee Williams

Youngest daughter of G .W. Williams and Jane. The wonderful mother of Florence and Ivy, who endured the difficulties of single motherhood following the conviction and desertion of her bothersome husband Sydney William Manton. Finally found happiness with her second husband Charles Fowler Oakes. Generous, a skilled seamstress, crocheter, knitter as well as great cook and fun grandmother.

Ivy Sidney Jennie Manton

Never married she led a life devoted to helping others. Following her sister’s untimely death became a replacement grandmother to her grandchildren.

Ralph Banks

Watchmaker, clockmaker and silversmith. An example of his skill, a longcase high tide clock is in the Plymouth Museum Devon. Married Rebecca Palmer Collings. Antony Collings Banks. Was born a twin to Ralph and Rebecca Banks. At times called a druggist but usually a surgeon or garrison surgeon of Plymouth dock. Married Mary Ann Taylor.

Thomas Taylor

Was for many years a Pastor of a Congregation of Baptists in the Town of Dock. Married Ann Tucker Thomas died in 1818. A family diary states that Thomas and Ann were buried with 7 of their children. Robert Nugent and Jane Treglohan Married in Falmouth Cornwall. Robert was a Captain in the Army, S. Devon Militia Musician as well as a School Master.

John Treglohan Nugent

Reported as being from Westmeath Ireland but was born Falmouth Cornwall to Robert Nugent and Jane Treglohan. Married Anne Tucker Taylor the eldest daughter of Thomas Taylor and Ann Tucker. They were the first of that family to come to Australia. John was described as a Gentleman, Customs Dep. Employee, Civil Servant.

Jane Elizabeth Nugent Wilmot Nugent

Married George William Williams jnr. Jane was born in Lambeth London and died Armadale Victoria Au. George and Jane supported Gladys during her marriage and after the disappearance of her husband.

Thomas Dawson Thorpe

A linen draper, lace and straw hat manufacturer with a store in Deansgate Manchester. Had a short sojourn to Australia where in 1850 applied for and was granted a Hawker’s and Peddler’s License for the Port Phillip District but was refused “for the city “ as not recommended by any town resident. Return to Manchester. Prolific letter writer to his son in law and daughter in Melbourne.